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Welcome to the healthy side of life

After 15 years of experience abroad, our facility is now open in Lebanon. A unique concept and a new approach to nutrition, opening a new page of understanding the body works in order to create a better you!

Our Concept

Each body is unique!

After years of study, we managed to understand and unlock key points your body has to achieve harmony within, not only through weight loss, but also by knowing food benefits to each specific case, targeting a wider perspective, in different aspects of our lives.



Home cooking delivered right to your door! Our Detox program is carefully planned and tailored to meet your different needs and expectations. Boost your immune system and lose that unhealthy lifestyle. NO CALORIE COUNTING! Plus, our diet is lactose and yeast free; start enjoying the transformation today!


  • Excellent program!  Healthier life!  Great results in a very short period!  Thanks a lot for ur hard work...
    Samara Cherfane Daniel
  • I never thought that loosing weight could be so easy and delicious!!!  Until I met you guys!  U r awesome.  Thanks for ur continuous support and for keeping up with me ;)  xoxo
    Joyce Harb Chrabieh
  • Unique Green Life Diet Center... Remarkable change... outstanding Samar... vigorous health... & brilliant fitness ahead!!!
    Antoine Abou Issa
  • Pouring life into our body... this is perfectly said!  this is what Green Life Diet Center does!  It is true that it is not an easy process and it requires a great will and commitment.. but the results are very rewarding.  It happened to me!
    Samar Haydar
  • Eating yummi?  healthy food? loosing weight?  shaping?  And in a short period? ....  Yesssss this exists at Green Life Diet Center.  Thank you Samar Kahwaji for your kindness and support.
    Dida El Turk
  • S'il y a un seul centre qui mérite de porter le nom de "Diet Center", c'est bien le tien, Samar!!! La detox est top.  Le service encore plus.  Et on n'a plus envie d'arrêter tellement on se sent bien. Merci pour ta patience, ton encouragement et srtout pour le bien-être que le rythme de vie que tu nous conseilles vivement, nous procure.
    Zeina Chami Ghorra
  • Being on this diet program, made me feel a lot happier because I Really wanted to loose weight but at the same didn't want to feel hungry.  In this program the whole time I was full but at the same time felt light and my whole body was relaxed.  So, Thank you samar for the amazing detox diet plan  You will be seeing me more often :)
    Sara Hejeij