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Our Concept

At Green Life Diet Center, we don't count calories. We believe that nutritional value is the most important meaning, that if your body needs certain vitamins and minerals, it will take them directly from the food we provide you in order for your organs to function well. Achieving this process will automatically lead to removal of toxins from your body... that will lead to loosing unnecessary weight and fixing all your health problems.

Our Services

Home cooking delivered right to your door. It is a weekly detox program tailored to your needs. It's all cooked in a state of the art kitchen under supervised staff to meet our highest standards.

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With years of expertise in the Health and Nutrition Fields, you can rely on us to provide with the right food for your body
We do not provide you with ready made solutions that fit everybody. After studying your body and checking your preferences, we give you a solution that corresponds to your body and your case.